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diced turkey

Having cooked a whole turkey, I decided I should make sure my whole family could eat. Having an 8 month old baby does make cooking interesting, but it also helps alleviate some of the leftovers, which helps to save money on babyfood. 

I don’t buy into the American “babyfood must be bland” garbage because babies all around the world just eat smaller versions of their parents food, and I’m hoping getting her used and attracted to flavors now will help cut out that picky eater stage later.

I use a food processor, of which I will be posting a negative review at some point, but a blender, shake maker, or even good knife skills and a pot and pan can accomplish the same thing. I actually made 2 types, but only remembered to take pictures of the one. Honestly, you can’t tell a physical difference.


  • Leftover turkey*
  • turkey stock or gravy*
  • leftover side dishes (i just used stuffing, potatoes are already smooth enough)


  1. Dice your turkey, put it in the food processordiced turkey
  2. Add your stock or gravy
  3. Pulse until mostly smooth


* use equal amounts. 1 cup diced turkey, 1 cup stock seemed like a good start, but this can scale


  • For my other batch, I used same amount of turkey, but diced up a stuffing ball, and used half gravy half stock. It came out looking the same
  • It doesn’t look like much but wow does it pack a taste
  • If using stock, please store no more than 3 or 4 days in the fridge. Freezing isn’t a problem, but fresh liquid stock doesn’t last long in the fridge, and no one wants a sick baby.
  • Just heat and eat, I recommend half power in the microwave until warm stirring well, although others will argue about hotspots, so use a pan and burner if you’re that concerned.

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