Smoked Salt

A simple, relatively unheard of technique to add flavor to practically everything, is through smoked salt. This recipe is quick, easy, scalable, and extremely adaptable, making it a perfect addition to the blog. 

To kick off National Barbecue Month, I thought I would start with a quick and simple recipe that can be probably your most used kitchen accessory. Salt is a great product to start with, as it can even smoke in warm up, but you use salt for EVERYTHING. So why not add some smoke flavor to a dish, even if it’s raining or the middle of winter? A container of smoked salt should be in every cooks kitchen.

We really only need the smoker and a pan for this recipe, the smoker  should be at temp, 200-225F before starting. Take a small shallow pan, and add at least a cup of kosher or sea salt, spread out into a thin layer. Smoke for 30 minutes, as a start, and judge from there, making sure to keep the pan away from any potential drippings. I usually go 90 minutes and that adds a noticeable flavor difference that isn’t overpowering. Use immediately to season your food, or store in an airtight container until empty.



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