Smoked Eggs

A simple way to spice up your side dishes, or just make your breakfast better. Smoked eggs are delicious in salads or on their own, they also make a great base for Scotch Eggs.

They are also extremely easy to make.

Once the smoker has been at temperature for a while, place your eggs on the rack where you have room, and allow to smoke 60 to 90 minutes or until the shell has taken on a smokey color. It will be obvious.

That’s it. They’re done. I usually put them in at the middle or towards the end of a cook, as they don’t take much time or room.

I apologize for not having a nice picture of a finished cooked one, but with rain I’ve not been able to smoke much, and am still working on optimizing my smoker. This particular batch cooked, but didn’t develop the internal smoke ring, due to a bad seal.


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