I’ve been cooking for a long time. I started baking as a child, and grew into grilling and BBQ by my early teens, working my way into restaurants as an adult. My parents and great aunts were great inspirations and amazing helps getting started and I really do owe a lot to them. Among my friends, we always try to one up each other at parties, for fantasy football drafts, whenever we can, so it’s always fun trying to break new ground or find new ways to do things.

With regards to this site, I owe almost all of the inspiration to Mike over at dadcooksdinner.com. I had just gotten an electric pressure cooker, and his was one of the first sites I’ve found. I now login daily just to browse through all of his recipes, and yes someĀ of my recipes recently have been based off of his. I make my own modifications, and do create my own, but I owe Mike a lot for being the push over the edge, and opening my eyes to whats possible with the pressure cooker.

There had been talk for a while of doing a cookbook, but I never was able to sit down and commit, but seeing dadcooksdinner, and knowing someone with a full time gig and 3 kids was still able to have fun and post content, I decided the internet may be the best idea.

With all that said, this is still a very young site, and still very under development, as well as my camera skills. There will be some old and blurry pictures, and I apologize in advance, but as time goes by and I remember to take pictures, things will be updated, changed, etc.

pigs head

Half pigs head from Greenhouse Tavern, Cleveland, OH

Revs Kitchen

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