Cooking Temperature Chart

Here I’ve posted a general finished temperature chart for easy reference. The USDA recommends 145F for steaks and 160F for ground meat, but do not let that stand in your way of maximizing your flavors. I prefer my steaks between 110 and 120F personally, and I’ve never once had a problem.

FoodDoneness Temperature
Beef, Game, Lamb, VealRare12049
Medium Rare13456.5
Medium Well15065.5
Well Done160 and over71 and over
PorkMedium Rare13456.5
Well Done160 and over71 and over
Poultry, White Meat Medium140-14660-63
Duck, White Meat Medium Rare13456.5
Poultry, Dark Meat Well Done17680
Fish, Seafood Rare11647
Medium Rare12652
Fruits and Veggies183-19084-87
Eggssoft cooked147 or 16764 or 75
hard cooked16071